In the movie The Final Cut
Everyone gets a MP3 chip behind their left ear at birth

And an MP4 chip behind the cerebellum
Which is where the brain visualizes the world for you

A cutter changes the memory of people
By changing the memory sent to the brain

Now with nano particles inside everyone
Microchips are old technology

Billions of people in the world are glued to their cell phone
Cell phones attract 5G microwaves that carry messages
Along with damaging our cellular structure

All the historic brick buildings in Lahaina are gone
Regular fires do not burn brick
But the Burger King and McDonalds remain untouched

Not a single fire truck responded to the fire
And there was no emergency sirens
Even though Lahaina has a state of the art warning system

The water was turned off
And the police blockaded people from escaping

It was the same in Paradise California
Where people were herded by gunpoint into the local K-Mart and then fried

None of the expansive mansions in and around Lahaina were hit
The new smart city in Lahaina will be welcomed by all the famous people who have luxury mansions there
Since they are all in artificial clone bodies and probably do not have human souls

In a smart city one cannot leave unless you have proper credentials
If you try you will be targeted

There is pure clean water about 200 feet down
Yet we are given water full of toxic chemicals

Robert Kennedy is controlled opposition
You will not get anywhere by voting in the slave master system

Our history is being reimagined and rewritten as I speak
From Muar Malaysia with its historic energy generating buildings that have been turned into temples
That still practice animal sacrifice

To Quebec Canada with its amazing Parliament Building
Our true history has been covered up

Dresden Germany was a very old beautiful city
With the finest architecture one could imagine

It was incinerated at the end of WW2 when there was no reason to
Over half a million people died

It had the same pattern of a burnt out city
Yet trees between buildings were somehow spared
It was not bombed it was lasered

Big events routinely happen
And are followed by big cover ups!