You are a fractal of infinite consciousness
Designed to hold Source Waves and higher bands of frequency

The soul is infinite potential
And will self organize through all the dimensional layers

Our genetic data holds all the information
Of our past present and other simultaneous lives
As well as potential aspects of ourselves

Everything we experience is designed for our ascension

You cannot reach a total level of maturity
If you are running away and hiding from yourself

Resistance avoidance and non acceptance
Creates chaos in the natural balance within us
And the role we play externally

We resist because of the traumatized child within us
Because of our wounded ego
And because of the fear of the unknown that lies beyond

If there is a negative charge in our body
It repels us from Infinite Source

When our emotions are positively charged
We create a state of being and life force of unity consciousness

Anytime you avoid emotions it creates stagnation
Energetic blockages occur in the spinal cord

Our life force is processed through our DNA
Which is our binary database of information
It is all vibrational frequency and it accesses the soul

Ancestral memories are epigenetically coded and stored in our DNA
Together with past lives and information stored up until the age of 7
Is how our base code is created

Our DNA is an organized processing system
Of physical and spiritual information
It is a database of storage

We create our timeline based on the resonant frequencies
Of everything encoded in genetic data

We can either change our DNA to operate at optimum levels
Or remain in repetitive patterns of subconscious hypnagogic states
Reliving some traumatic experience over and over!