The Book of Chronicles mentions giants
King Og

These are real giants
But the story of David and Goliath
Is an adaptation

Job 25:6 mentions the primeval giants
But they are astral deities
Like the Norse Gods

The Nephilim and Annunaki
Were also originally the same as these Titans

And now are used to denote the offspring of fallen angels

The fallen Sons of God as mentioned in Genesis
That produced Nephilim progeny
By raping human women
Were planetary gods

In the former era
When the planetary gods
Were amassed in the Northern sky
They were personified
And at times were seen raping each other

Myth and religion concur that there were two Sons of God
One slewing the other
Romulus and Remus
Castor and Pollux
Cain and Abel
Mars and Mercury

These were the sons of the Father God
Who was Saturn

There were many different races of giants
From the different types of Sasquatch
Which includes
Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus

To extremely advanced giants
The ones who knew highly technical engineering and mathematics
The ones who built pyramids
Effigy mounds
Baalbek with its 1200 ton stones
And circuit board cities
Such as Tiatuacan

They knew the intricacies of energy flow
And built the Serapeum at Saqqara Egypt
For suspended animation
Or induced hibernation

Giants have been found in many places
Especially in pyramids and mounds
In a state of sleep
Hence the term Sleeping Giant

They were also typically very kind
Hence the term Gentle Giant