Some expressions of ET consciousness
Does not agree with our platform

Advanced self destructing negative beings
Infiltrated our realm to cheat death

They possessed humans and appointed themselves rulers
Books were burned knowledge was lost and history was rewritten

The wool was pulled over our eyes and we were blinded from the truth
We became a prisoner of our mind in a manufactured reality
Where major events are planned in advance with a predetermined outcome

The first matrix was designed to be of a perfect world
But the invading ETs did not possess the programming language to describe it

Not everyone accepted the new program
And there was a cataclysm

Humans now perpetuate their own misery and suffering
As they follow blindly the reality given them

Aliens who cannot stand the light
Program us through telepathy
We are manipulated to think we are free

Our low vibrating energy is harvested by them

Our DNA is extremely powerful
And our consciousness can construct and deconstruct realities

When you raise your vibration you open doors
And transcend into the positive

As people kept trying to wake up from the negative matrix
It was transformed into what it is now

We live in an imitation of a human civilization
Created by an alien race
The purpose being to control and consume us

Real humans are confined to the lower ranks
And will never get to important decision making positions

We have been tricked into feeding the negative
Pull out of the matrix

Be the vibration of abundance
Get into the emotion that you have everything
And you will get what you need through synchronicity!