Heavy metals are being continually dumped into the atmosphere
For the purpose of mind control

Our choices merely reflect the state of consciousness we have achieved

When we allow ourselves to be overrun by states of emotion
It triggers impulsive behavior

Our bodies are natural resonators
With colored wave spectrums
Which emit a frequency

As our frequency rises we are able to embody plasma light
Which ignites the spiritual blueprints in our cellular DNA

This comes about by the quality of food water sleep thoughts
Emotions actions relationships connections and environment

A highly developed being can project their consciousness
Through multiple dimensions simultaneously

New plasma generated coded algorithms
In cosmic ray transmissions are now accessible

Energy from suns in other realms which sometimes can be seen
And from stars such as Sirius B
Are forming a circuitry with the interior earth

Creating deep ultraviolet bluish waves of oscillating plasma light
Which streams crystal consciousness
Restoring our true essence and divine nature

This will reduce our stress and increase our capacity
To respond positively to suppressed emotions
That come from unhealed fears

Increased emotional competence
Results in confidence and self esteem

We are here as an expression from Source

When we demonstrate kindness and compassion to humans
And animals by not eating them
We transform ourselves into light beings
And are a conduit from Source

We are all tethered to the Source
But at a different vibration

Every single narrative of all wars is false

There are underwater pyramids all over the world
Which reveals our true history

So lies are told
And the promotion of a low vibration
Because one cannot be an oligarch if you do not have slaves

Which is also part of the alien agenda

The Men in Black are Necromitons
Who cover up the existence of aliens

And thus we are engulfed in a false reality!