There is a war on our mind
An indoctrination of false beliefs
That determine our reality

There is no Jesus counting our swears

Krishna came out of a whale
Just like Jonah

Krishna and Jeus were patterned after Mars
Who came out of the Sea of Saturn

This is the origin also of both of them walking on water

Jets do not run of fuel
There are not hundreds of gallons of gas swishing back and forth on the wings
Which would create an imbalance and send the plane diving downward

Our cars and trucks are kept running on gasoline
For the purposes of power money and control

Crops are sprayed with Round Up
Which has the poison glyphosate
It also contains a spermicide

All big names are now either clones or reptilians
Many times they are both

Druids were an ancient Jewish sect
That used a secret language to summon demons
And used the children of Goyim for their sacrifices

This goes on today
The people involved act like normal rational people in public
But they are not authentic
And have what you would call multiple personality disorder
Which is the result of a fragmented soul

The sinking of the Lusitania that started WW1 was a staged event
As was Pearl Harbor

Both sides collaborated beforehand

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were scorched with directed energy weapons
There is no such thing as nuclear weapons

The compressing of uranium to double density
With neutrons in between to ignite an explosion
Is an impossibility

The institution of Freemasonry installs the leaders
And fakes the elections

The Biblical flood perpetuates the notion
That our world is a result of a sinful humanity

The real root cause was an invasion by non humans
Who altered the magnetic field
And temporarily depleted our oxygen supply

They are obsessed with our genetics
And want to take over our realm

Their goal is to inorganically transform humanity

Not many people can accept this
And would rather live in the fake world perpetuated by Freemasonry

And be involved in a fake religion
And vote in fake elections!