Saturn was our original sun
It was our true sun that immersed our world in radiant life giving ultra violet energy

The earth plane was an Edenic like place
Food was bountiful
War and the predator prey conflict was unheard of
Humans and many different animal species coexisted peacefully

It was the time of Atlantis
Humans could access other realms

Then everything changed
Not much more than 1000 years ago our earth plane was invaded

Saturn was targeted by advanced technology
The electric field was manipulated
And Saturn drifted away

The Father God of myth and religion
Who dominated our sky
Became a pinprick of light that nobody paid attention to

The era of mind control began

We resonated with Saturn much more than we do with our present sun
It was the key that turned on our genetic switches

Now as the current electrical peak is igniting our original 12 strand DNA
The attack is with chemtrails
That disperse nano particles and aerosols to reflect sunlight

And with the sun simulator
That attempts to control the ratio of charged particles reaching the lower atmosphere
By blocking the ionized particles of the sun in the upper atmosphere

These create a frequency fence

When foreign material such as nano filters with genetically engineered insectoid DNA
And heavy metals are introduced into the body via chemtrails
Our electromagnetic energetic balance and homeostatic rhythm is disrupted

As higher souls incarnate here
To help move the world into a higher consciousness
An aggressive campaign of forced vaccinations
With the increased promotion of animal consumption
Along with the introduction of genetically modified foods and pharmaceuticals
And the spraying of toxic poisons all over the environment
Is to combat spiritual ascension

Genetically modified foods have inserted genes that damage proteins and DNA
They also have toxic synthetic chemicals along with herbicides and insecticides
That continue to live inside the body and spread throughout it

Vaccinations inject multiple species of DNA
Which impairs DNA signaling
And harm the immune system

Consumption of animals also inserts multiple foreign DNA
Which causes degradation and keeps our original 12 strand DNA from activating

This mixing of genes along with toxins and chemicals in our food and water
Damage the smaller subunits of genes
That hold instruction sets to build proteins from amino acids
And impair the nucleic acids

The DNA molecule is made up of 4 chemicals
Adenine Thymine Guanine and Cytosine
These component bases of DNA if exposed to toxic poisons or foreign DNA
Will also not function properly
And the messenger RNA will be thwarted

The bodys immune system will attack foreign DNA
When the foreign DNA attaches to a cell
The body will attack its own cell

We are what we eat
And whatever else that has gained entrance into our Temple
Which holds our Divine Soul!