The Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona
Featured a sea of cells and a killer cell
On this sea of cells was a ship of fools
Battling this deadly virus

The 2012 Opening Ceremonies in the London Olympic Games
Had nurses with vaccines and children in hospital beds

The nurses were dancing to this Satanic lie
Like they are paid to do now

These would be better named the Stupidity Games

Super Bowl halftimes always feature Satanic rituals

High ranking politicians and University Presidents
Are all Illuminati Freemasons who practice Satanic rituals

Some are more involved than others
For instance John Hopkins University partners with Gingko Bioworks
And they have Dr. Fauci as their medical school director

If any college or school at any level does not play the game
Their funding will be cut off

If they do not promote the vaccine which delivers synthetic MRNA into cells
By inserting an enzyme that prevents your immune system
From recognizing the fake RNA as an invader

And that contains polyether glycol
Which creates anaphylaxis

And polysorbate 80 which is an emulsifier
To get nanobots across the blood brain barrier

And spions which are magnetic mercury iron oxide particles
That send and receive data

And toxic graphene oxide
Which enable genes to be re sequenced

The reason these are approved is because
There is a revolving door between the FDA and pharmaceutical companies

The head of the FDA was on the Pfizer board of directors

Johnson and Johnson which uses ground up babies for their baby powder
Along with Pfizer Moderna and many government employees are exempt from taking the vaccine

Just like the employees of Monsanto
Would never eat their genetically modified food

And just like as hardly anyone asks
What is in the food
Hardly anyone asks
What is in the vaccine!