The earth has a vibration called the Schumann Resonance
It is composed of ELF waves averaging 7.83 hertz

It is in this range of low frequencies
Which is also produced by the human brain

Alien entities do not share our DNA
And their electromagnetic signaling
Is not compatible to the earth

The human body is a crystal oscillator and frequency resonator
That absorbs ELF waves

We can even pick up radio waves
If we are tuned to the right frequency

So we are targeted by ELF waves
Enslaving us into lower frequency signals

Our subconscious mind is influenced
Resulting in psychological warfare and destructive thoughtforms

Foreign DNA is directly injected into the bloodstream by vaccinations
And through the administration of chemical pharmaceuticals
Along with the promotion of the consumption of animals
Our DNA is intentionally scrambled

Causing us to be out of alignment with the earth resonance
Which inhibits our compatibility
Influencing us to damage it and to harm its natural residents
And restricting our ability to tune into higher frequencies

Heavy metals in chemtrails are sprayed in our atmosphere
To help disseminate artificial ELF waves onto the population

Toxic chemicals are also sprayed by the shadow alien military complex
To disrupt our electromagnetic signaling
And disturb our homeostatic energetic rhythms

Once we realize we are being targeted
We can take steps to diminish their effectiveness!