The infiltration of the ruling classes by reptilians in cloned bodies
Who assume false identities and pretend to be human
Was gradual

They groomed followers into blood cults
While genetically modifying them

They exerted control over timelines
So that the population would not know
That they are being controlled by non human invaders

The genetic manipulation of the ruling class
Started with Nebuchadnezzar who sacked Jerusalem and deported the population

The Temple Mount which was the main stargate
That connected our earth realm to ethereal forces was destroyed

The power elite now use Babylon to represent their antichrist agenda
And their nihilistic materialism which commenced with the alien invasion

The current financial system was set up so that the majority of wealth and resources
Would remain in the hands of people who practiced human blood sacrifice as their religion
In order to create loosh

The religions of today were also set up for divide and conquer purposes
And are run by the reptilian hybridized ruling classes

The vast majority of present Heads of State Prime Ministers and Presidents
Are not human

Nebuchadnezzar 11 massacred the Essenes who preached the Law of One
The teachings of Jesus who was an Essene
Were originally from the Essene records
But now have been totally distorted and turned into a religious mind control system
For the purpose of world domination

The Tower of Babel story
Was the collapse of the magnetic field by alien machinery

The Tower of Babel was the Universal Axis now in dark mode
Whose electrical effects can still be seen in the Northern Lights

This greatly diminished energy flow through organic portals
And thus considerably reduced the energy flow through human chakras
Which affected our endocrine glandular system
Damaging immunity and shortening human lifespan

Our DNA sequence template was scrambled
Causing loss of memory and confusion of language
And blocked multidimensional perception and awareness of extra terrestrial races

The alien portal of the Black Cube of Saturn became operational
The Yahweh Matrix is a feedback loop transmitting Armageddon software codes

The moon was inserted in our atmosphere
To run reversal currents and siphon life force energy
Routing it to power up AI architecture
That blended artificial realities into the collective consciousness

Cloning and the takeover of human bodies began

As our true essence became suppressed
The evidence that recognizes animals as fully sentient beings was eliminated

We need to reimagine how this realm should be!