The 4 voyages of Amerigo Vespucci
Took place around the year 1500

He took 6 ships and went to the southern part of South America
Then down the Straits of Magellan to Tierra Del Fuego
And past the 50th parallel to Antarctica

Antarctica was ice free and had a very nice temperate climate

He wrote of his encounters with a multitude of human tribes of various character and morals
And of an exceedingly vast population of animals

The people were usually of extraordinary height
They lived long lives of 150 years or more
They were of excellent health and rarely got sick

They mostly ate fruit from immense sweet smelling odiferous trees
But also ate plants and cultivated potatoes
They baked bread and made other excellent food

They consumed fish and lizards which were abundant
And also once in awhile ate larger animals

They regularly participated in war with other tribes
And cooked and consumed the captives

Most tribes had no laws or no ruling authority
Some had a queen who was carried around on a stretcher

Some tribes practiced polygamy
While other tribes never married
Sometimes the females of the harem were eaten by the man

The women were described as having very comely bodies
They were very libidinous and licentious with a very strong sexual desire

Sometimes the women would slip an herb into the food which would increase the size of the penis
Which made for highly erotic sexual encounters
Once in awhile they put in too much

Sometimes a tribe would give their young virgin females as gifts
Other times the natives feigned kindness and the crew was attacked when they went on shore

Sometimes they had to retreat and watch while a crew member was torn limb to limb and roasted on a fire
Other times they massacred the attackers and took young girls back to Lisbon to be sold as slaves

Sometimes if a crew member was not respectful he was killed to be eaten by the tribe

The land abounded in gold
There was a constant breeze of a south wind
And there were very dense forests

The natives walked around naked except for beads
They lived in cities of simple construction
And were befriended by gifts of trinkets and mirrors

They were very knowledgeable about herbs and roots
They tripped on ayahuasca and had frenzied celebrations

They were brave and not afraid to die

It was also a post apocalyptic world with old artifacts!