Any pyramid shaped object will create a Merkabah body
It will produce orgonite energy
Working with both grid systems above us and below us

We need to go inside first and raise our vibration
Then we can use our thoughts to influence reality

Everything that has been invented is for the purpose of lowering our vibration

They are experimenting 5G and sound waves at universities and on other groups of people
Saying it is a test of the emergency broadcast system
Just like they used to say on TV

When 5G waves are transmitted it decreases oxygen intake
Similar to altitude sickness

We are being radiated with dirty electricity everywhere
And our food water and air are deliberately infused with toxins
Both have slowly increased since the last reset in the early 1800s

Lichtenburg Figures are the remains of electrical scarring
They can be seen everywhere if viewed from high altitudes

They are evidence of how our world was electrically taken over
And can also be observed in the burnt and melted structures
Of the remains of past civilizations

Humans are administered synthetic drugs
Which impair bio neurological functioning
By short circuiting the wiring of the brain

Thereby damaging the soul
And weakens our ability to transmit electromagnetic signals
That connect us to energetic spiritual realms

Where we have our origin
And where we are visited from by other worldly beings

The science of astronomy hoodwinks the public into believing
We are alone in the cosmos
Devoid of supernatural realms
They tell us they are looking but have not made any contact yet

People live in a delusional state

Maybe 5D has already smashed into our 3D realm
And as the sky turned red
Their false concept of reality could not handle it
So they went psychotic
And their energetic spirits fragmented into shards of awareness

In order to regain their full soul
And find equilibrium
They have to relive these times
And expire in a manner that their psyche understands

We are in a simulation
Only people in a higher vibrational state can accept that
And they are the ones who do not take the shot!