The Orders of the Golden Dawn and The Phoenix are rivals
But both are Freemasons

Donald Trump is a member of the Golden Dawn
Don = Dawn and Trump = Trumpets
He is supposed to herald in the new Dawn
Or new Golden Age

Freemasons were the Rosicrucian Order or Rose Cross

The Illumination of the Golden Dawn is from the former era
When Saturn shed his golden rays in the morning
Which was actually the evening when Saturn shined the brightest

The Rose Cross was intersecting plasma currents in front of Mars

Everyone in significant positions are members of the illuminati
Donald Trump is famous for flashing his Freemason signs

Every member also has to sell their soul
which at first most believe they do not have

Progressive coercion and enslavement within the Cabal
Forces members to participate in horrific Satanic rituals
They have to drink the blood of the victim
Which produces in them psychic trauma

During these rituals they come in direct contact
With extra dimensional beings
And realize the spirit world is real
And also that they have a soul

But they have made a pact which they cannot be freed from

They then disassociate themselves and become psychopathic
The inability to feel empathy becomes a genetic trait and is passed down
Which in the pursuit of power is an obvious advantage over normal humans

These congenitally psychopathic bloodlines have long ruled Europe
Posing as royal families

The genetically inherited trait of cold bloodedness
Has allowed the bloodline family members to use satanic ritual abuse
Rape torture slavery and human sacrifice
To wield totalitarian control

They are the shadow government and the deep state
And have been ruling for centuries

Normal humans could not carry on this tradition

Secrecy is the most effective tool for wielding control
As information is becoming more ubiquitous
Secrecy is becoming harder

It is time for the intuitive empath to rise
And become the new guiding force
In the new age!