Hell milk is what is produced by the insane dairy industry

Female cows are raped with a rape rod
After about 9 months they give birth
But their babies are taken away from them

As all animal mothers are naturally very maternal
And they do everything in their power to prevent this

Their babies are taken so they won’t drink the milk
If the calf is male he goes to a holding pen where he cannot move around
So that his muscles will be tender when he is taken to the slaughterhouse
To become veal for indifferent and low vibrating humans

If the calf is a female then she will become enslaved as a dairy cow

A typical dairy cow is raped 5 or 6 times
She is then considered spent because her milk dries up
And is hauled off to the slaughterhouse

A well treated cow can live 25 to 30 years

The milking machines are metal and cause lesions and sores on the cows breasts
The milk moustache is bacteria or pus from the wounds

Cows milk is loaded with fat and protein
They are intended to turn a small calf into a 900 pound cow

Our bodies cannot process all the hormones especially lactose
That is why many are lactose intolerant

We also have difficulty digesting the acidic protein and fat
Causing harmful free radicals

You cannot just take in whole proteins like the meat and dairy industry wants us to believe
Everything has to be broken down first

If we have trouble assimilating something into our body that means we should not be consuming it

Cows milk does not make a body big and strong it weakens it

It is also full of antibiotics
Given so that the infections won’t kill the cow

They are looked upon only as a commodity
As an object and slave
They do not receive any kindness or compassion from the humans only indifference

Dairy cows are kept in confined quarters all their life
When they get to the slaughterhouse they have to be electrically prodded from the truck
Because they can sense death

They are shot in the head with a stun gun
But are still conscious when they are hung upside down and get their throat slit
They are still conscious when their unborn baby is cut out of them
They are still conscious when their skin gets ripped off for leather

They fight with all their strength to get loose until their last breath

Cows are like big puppy dogs

We feed our own sickness when we prey upon innocent animals!