We stand at the gateway of timelines
Of different dimensional frequencies

Spectrums that hold life patterns

Our soul will be swept away into the reality system
Of its vibrational compliment

Frequencies from emotional choices
Are projected through our medulla oblongata
And filtered there at the base of the neck

Determining our lightbody and instructing our personal hologram

We decide how to experience ourselves in our life stream journey

Dark forces try to manipulate us and hypnotize us into submission
Changing the original divine blueprint of the human soul

But we can realize our human potential
And move into the next skill level of the game

Our activated DNA template is extremely powerful
It is the vibration of the frequency of truth and service to others

Just like in a video game
You will return to the same level over and over until you complete the grade

You will repeat it until you transcend the life pattern
And learn to connect to your higher self

The power and potential of our vital essence has been drained
And life codes have been reversed

Geological resources have been shipped off world stripping us of resonance

We are now in a service to self program
We are in a Draconian caste system with an impenetrable ruling class

People have forgotten who they really are
And we feel separate from each other

We have lost connection to the gods above
And feel lost with no direction

The more we wonder from our inner power the more shattered we become

As we write our own story
We can do so in the library of the living light coding of the Universe

This creation was meant to service our desires
And to determine our reality by our thoughts

We can raise our frequency by singing a new song and playing a new game
In which we treat others as we wish to be treated
Animals qualify as others!