There is a substance formed by oil gold and iridium
It is a quantum magnet and attracts photons
It processes them and sends them back out
This is how simple life gets its start

This substance is referred to as Black Goo

There are deposits in different areas
The biggest ones are in Paraguay and Argentina
And was what the Falkland Islands War was about

Black Goo has intelligence
It is like a motherly entity

But it also can be reprogrammed for sinister purposes
The raining down of alien Black Goo
Resulted in the destruction of Lemuria

The Reptilians begged for asylum
The moment they were let in was the start
Of humans being reduced to an ugly state

They now feed off of our light energy or bio photons
And access our soul body through energy blockages

Giving them consent to use the body
In exchange for power over others
Is what occurs during Black Magic rituals

Linguistic programming of Alien Black Goo is inverted in the quantum computer
Then piped into ley lines under Cathedrals
Cathedrals were energy centers built on ley line vortexes

Alien black goo has been solidified into carbon stone
And are now black alter stones in churches

It is also part of the black carbon stone in Mecca
Which Muslims are required to circle around and kiss

We can connect to these alien forces
Or we can connect to our Mother Earth

We can even reconnect our timeline
Back to the Golden Age of Lemuria
By our frequency

The Law of Energetic Exchange is the right to live harmlessly
You can uphold your right to inhabit a particular space without interference

The more clear which ones spiritual purpose is
The more clear is the Natural Law

Claim your personal space
And your needs will be met

And shadowy elements will exit!