The heavenly Temple of Saturn
Was arranged like a chipset on a computer

It was the Merkabah of the Kabbalah
Whose energy was studied as a means to gain power

Huge edifices such as the Temple of Jerusalem
Were built in copy of the celestial pattern

These earthly temples were deliberately hit with high energy technology
To keep humans from ascending to higher elevated states

High energy weaponry is still used
As in the row of melted cars in Paradise California

The ruins of Baalbek
The ruins of Palmyra
The ruins of Thermopolis Edfu Thebes Abydos Elephantine Hermonthes Gaza
Are all examples of former high energy structures

They were part of the worldwide advanced society now known as Atlantis

The name Atlantis was originally designated to the astral kingdom of Saturn
Which arose from the celestial waters
Just like Valhalla and Asgard

In the Coffin Texts the wondering Creator god Amon Ra said
I came into being of myself in the midst of the primeval waters

The floating island of Delois was struck by Poseidon by his cosmic trident
The white island of Zeus in the midst of the sea was in the celestial center of the world
As was the island of Strophades

The heavenly Jerusalem or Assembly of the gods arranged in a geometric pattern was transitional
When Mars was in front of Venus he was the god of sacrifice

Quetzalcoatl the Mayan feathered serpent
Was the bearded god with outstretched arms in crucified form
His serpentine nature was the entwining electric current of the celestial pole

When Mars drifted towards earth
It was the descent of the warrior or the descent of the savior god

The heavenly Atlantis sunk into the Abyss which was the celestial underworld
The terrestrial Atlantis became the designation for any megalithic ruins especially sunken ones

The alien agenda which is supported by the Freemasons and the elitist factions
Is to recreate the lost paradisical environment of Atlantis
But with them in charge

They want us to stand 6 feet apart
Because our aura typically does not go beyond that
And we lose power when we are not united

The person we think we are
Is just one of many overlays

If we connect to our higher selves
By obeying the Law of One
And treating each other as well as animals with respect

We will tap into our sensitivity to higher frequencies
And expand our aura

Eating animals lowers your vibration
And keeps you from your higher self!