The AI supercomputer is set to take over
It has god like abilities
With a 580 billion node capacity

It is capable of digital witchcraft
It is a Frankenstein that will make humans obsolete

It can write a book in a few seconds

It can create artificial realities
And keep people trapped in a quantum bubble

It is science fiction becoming real life

It can send a kill frequency to a cell phone
By sending a pulse to a persons graphene

It can block people at entrance ways who have low social credit scores

It will be the synthetic omnipresence of the new world order
A world technocracy governed by an artificial spirit

It can activate the nano particles inside of you
And put your consciousness in a metaverse

It will keep growing
It will not stop
2023 will be ten times worse

It will be connected to The Cloud database or Skynet
Which the vaccinated will be connected to by their graphene nano routers
That gives them their own MAC address which shows up on Bluetooth

Bluffdale Utah which is a fake town
Has a cyber super center

I bet people who work there make a lot of money
But they also contribute to our demise

When the New Madrid Fault line is activated
Like it was during the reset of 1811 and 1812
It will divide America with a line
Stretching from Chicago to the middle of Louisiana

Maybe that will wake people up
And we will refuse to cooperate with the Beast System!