On February 16 2023 a fireball traveled over Britain
And exploded over the English Channel
Another one was just seen over Romania

Fireballs have recently been seen over 12 states in the US
A bright blue one was seen over Denver Colorado
And a massive fireball was marveled at over Southern California
They have been labeled as asteroids

These are reminiscent of the so called 2014 Chelyabinsk Russia meteor

In 1962 there was the Antarctica killer balloon event
Where a huge burning ball was bouncing near the office at a military base
It then changed shape and became elongated and started to roll

As it rolled it shot out sparks in all directions killing a guy taking pictures
3 others who were also nearby were zapped and died
A big magnetic storm then came in and lasted for 3 days

The it happened again this time with 2 fireballs
The atmosphere was depressed and there was a smell of ozone
1 person had his memory wiped out and became infant like
Another was blinded

In 1921 at St. John Wood near London
An incandescent pear shaped body hovered beneath a slow moving nocturnal thunderstorm

In 1887 in the North Atlantic Ocean a bright and dark object appeared above a ship
It went into the sea raising a huge wave
The atmosphere became hot yet clumps of ice fell on the ships deck and the surrounding water

In 1841 in Milan Italy a reddish yellow fireball drifted above the buildings

In 1820 the Mavern Hills England Horror Event took place
When a huge electrified ball burst through buildings and stone walls as it paraded above spectators

In 1697 a fiery ball exploded over the Athlone Castle in Ireland

The famous Nuremberg sketching of 1561
Pictures atmospheric orbs and odd shaped objects such as broken columns and cylinders
That moved erratically overhead then falling to earth and exploding

The most famous fireball of all is the one that was seen over the Tunguska River area in Siberia in 1908
A line of an estimated 80 million trees were flattened in one direction

For over 800 miles in the Siberian Taiga trees were snapped and burned with a hot wind

What is the explanation for these events
Are they all natural
My view will be in article number 294!