Canaanites were cannibals
They were the Hyksos that invaded Egypt and became Pharaohs

They eventually got control of Rome
Vespasion was the first Jewish emperor of Rome

The reptilian influence spread to Europe
Especially to Switzerland

From there they branched off to France and became the Jesuits
To Britain and Germany where they became the Bavarian Illuminati headed by the Rothchilds
And eventually to the USA where the Freemasons are in power
The Freemasons seized control of the Vatican

The secret societies became factions
The Order of the Phoenix and the Order of the Golden Dawn are the two major groups
They are in constant betrayal with each other
And many are double agents

The G inside the square and compass of the Freemasons stands for Gimael
It means a leg that is walking
The twisting turning electrical current of plasma at the north celestial axis
Was also the leg of Saturn

The 7 Hathors are 7 incarnations of Venus
The Lady of the Sycamore assisted the dead on their final journey
She handed out plasma or manna from the Sycamore Tree

This is what she used to restore the sight of Horus who was Mars
Mars was portrayed as the blind god
Samson is a personification of Mars

Pyramid means fire or light inside
This is a favorite symbol of the Illuminati
And is the central column of fire and light or axis mundi
Donald Trump is always flashing a pyramid sign with his hands to signal other members

Alexander the Great was from Alexandria in Macedonia
It was the capital of Jewish culture

His general Ptolemy was half Greek and half Jewish
Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy
Jesus was the son of Caesar and Cleopatra and was known as Little Caesar

That is why he spoke Greek and why the New Testament is written in Greek by Hellenistic Jews
And why he said to render unto Caesar the things which are Caesars

Many of Shakespeares plays were about Rome
The actors were Jewish males
Female characters were performed by cross dressing males

It is the same in Hollywood!