You are an ethereal entity
With intuitive capacities

Holding the potential to perceive
Beyond the veil of corporeal existence

You hear the whispers of the universe
And sense the vibration of the cosmos

Your intuitive third eye begins to flutter its lashes
Adjusting to the sublime light of profound truth

Your inner beacon glows brighter
Shining forth an awakening of the seer within

It is a preamble to a metamorphic spiritual journey
Hidden within the silhouettes of your divine nature

You travel the meandering river of your emotions
And navigate the panoramic landscapes of your soul

You unearth the divine spark
That rests hidden within your core

The metaphysical flames of transformation
Facilitate an alchemical process
That transmutes you into a refined spiritual vessel

Whose heat melts away the ego
Leaving divine love and awareness

Sensing the subtle threads that connect all life
You uncover the profound mystery of oneness
That transcends individual identities

You discover an inextinguishable eternal light
That illuminates the path to your sacred essence

And you metamorphosize into a beautiful butterfly
With an exceptional nature!