The Council of Nicaea
The Council of Trent
The Council of Philadelphia
The Council of Ephesus as well as others
Were when Ashkenazi Jews convened to go over their religion

They deleted books added books Deleted passages added passages or changed them
How can the Bible be Gods word when it has gone through so many changes

The fish stories at the end of Luke and John are obviously later additions
The Book of John has Jesus crucified before the Passover
Jesus was an Essene
Essenes were vegans

He would have never eaten fish or lamb
He would have known the suffering that would take place
How can a loving god turn a blind eye to suffering

In the Old Testament a person would be stoned for committing adultery or homosexuality
The priests wanted people to live in accordance to the religion they were the leaders of

They wanted people to live in fear that an angry god would send them to eternal damnation
If they did not obey their laws

Living in fear is still being played out today
Fear of a microscopic virus that is only spread via the vaccine
Fear of a war that is being generated by the cooperation of those in charge

When we vote we are giving our consent to those in office

Politicians are front people for a death cult

The same death cult that sacrificed animals and people in the Old Testament
Saying it was a tribute to God but it was actually for entities who feed off negative energy
Who give them power in return

It is a system where a person sells their soul
And bows down to the dark side

They rape and eat children
The Pope has an entourage of young boys to molest at his whim

People refuse to believe their leaders are sell outs

September 11 2001 was a big lie
But people still think aluminum planes penetrated steel and concrete buildings then vaporized
And that they were driven by terrorists who never flew a plane let alone a 747

Chemtrails have gone virtually unnoticed the past 20 plus years

All pictures and images of space are computer graphic illustrations
In other words they are fake

The psychopathic elite have been taken over
Their bodies are now possessed by entities

Alien technology has spawned clones synthetic robotoids and doppelgangers

Hilary Clinton dies then suddenly reappears

Blinking reporters on CNN or Fox news are nothing but organic robotoids processing information
Like when a light on a computer continually blinks as it downloads information

With each injection of the bioweapon a person becomes more of a synthetic slave
The graphene in the vaccine will self assemble into tiny circuit boards

And humans are being hacked on a massive scale!