Our current agricultural model began after WW2 when chemical companies expanded into the agricultural field.
Excess bomb making material became synthetic fertilizer.
Nerve gas became insecticide.
One such company was Monsanto.
The family who owns the business was involved in the slave trade during America’s early years.
Their products include PCB’s, Agent Orange and DDT.
At their chemical waste dump near their factory they found bacteria growing which was resistant to their glyphosate.
Glyphosate is a chemical compound similar to Agent Orange but is mixed with different adjuvants.
Millions of gallons of Agent Orange were poured over Vietnam causing widespread death and birth defects.
Monsanto reasoned that if they put this bacteria into the plants which make up our food supply they would always have a big market for their glyphosate poison.
This poison they named Round-Up is now marketed as an herbicide.
They took the genes of the resistant bacteria and inserted it into soybeans.
The bacteria’s DNA got transferred into the soybeans.
Thus the soybeans had a new genome and became genetically altered.
Those soybeans were now able to resist any amount of glyphosate Round-Up poured on them.
Monsanto did the same to corn with the same result.
In barbaric and insane experimenting on animals they found GMO’s caused many health conditions.
Even with bribery they had a hard time getting their genetically modified organisms approved by the FDA for public consumption.
When they were able to put their own lawyer in charge of the FDA they had no opposition.
Not satisfied with only controlling the FDA, Monsanto paid for a new political position called Food Safety Czar.
The Monsanto Vice-President is now the Food Safety Czar.
Because of Monsanto’s political clout, genetically modified organisms have become so common that they constitute about 95% of all soy, corn and cotton grown in the USA.
Being introduced into the food supply in the mid nineties it hasn’t taken Monsanto very long to expand into all parts of the world.
Whether you like it or not you are eating GMO’s.
GMO’s are in all the processed foods at the supermarkets and are served at all restaurants and fast food places.
There are over 750 GMO products in our food supply and the number keeps growing.
When you wear cotton clothes you are wearing genetically modified cotton sprayed with Round-Up.
If people knew that they were eating GMO’s or wearing GMO products many would make an effort to quit.
That is why GMO foods are not being labeled.
They don’t want you to know what you are eating.
Nor to be aware of the environmental hazards caused by their spraying.
Monsanto spent tens of millions of dollars to defeat labeling law initiatives in various states despite the overwhelming majority of people supporting labeling laws.
When you eat a GMO, the glyphosate resistant bacteria continues to live in your intestines. It is not friendly bacteria. The proteins that are produced are allergens. The ingested glyphosate accumulates in the bones and hinders cellular detoxification. It tears apart amino acids. The human body cannot process genetically engineered foods. They are carcinogenic.
There is no nutritional value in GMO’S.
The ground it is being grown on has lost it ability to provide nutrients to plants because of the insecticide.
Glyphosate is what you call a broad spectrum chelator. It hugs minerals and does not allow plants to access them.
The beneficial micro organisms in the soil which supply the needed nutrients are killed as toxins bio accumulate.
The pesticide residue is carried by the wind and goes to neighboring communities and enters the drinking water.
GMO plants are weaker and become diseased more easily. The chemicals in Round-Up prevents them from synthesizing amino acids.
The yield will eventually decrease and be much less than conventional crops.
Farmers are being sued for patent infringement when their crops get infiltrated with GMO crops through no fault of their own.
These GMO seeds are the property of Monsanto and court cases are won by Monsanto for the crazy reason of the farmer didn’t do enough to protect his field from the infiltration.
Farms are continually being lost in this way.
GMO foods result in problems with internal development. Such as smaller organs, atrophy of the liver and pre-cancerous cell growth. They also disrupt hormone levels, cause premature aging and significantly lower sperm cell count.
The USA is now the sickest country in the world.
Chemicals which feed on the excrement from the resistant bacteria inserted into plants is now made into a sweetener called aspartame.
It is a neuro toxin and reeks havoc on your immune system.
At 85 degrees it turns into formaldehyde.
It is very prevalent and is hidden under various names such as Nutri-Sweet.
When you eat animals or their secretions in the form of dairy products, you take in huge amounts of GMO’s.
That is because the animals are being fed GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO alfalfa, GMO Canola Mash, GMO sugar beet pulp etc.
You also take in the hormones and antibiotics injected into these poor animals.
Most all the corn and soy we consume has been processed into gums, pastes, additives and fillers.
Our bodies are becoming increasingly changed through genetic manipulation and engineering of what we are eating.
The seeds of destiny are being planted in us.
Disruptions of our DNA are occurring which are having chemical reactions disturbing to the structure of our bodies.
Our children’s genes are being changed and the effect is irreversible.
Organic seeds decrease every year because Monsanto now owns most seed companies.
Bio diversity is diminishing as bees, butterflies, insects and birds disappear.
The genie is out of the bottle and it is seems almost impossible to turn the situation around.
But there is a lot of resistance. In Europe GMO’s are being outlawed.
In India the government has sued Monsanto for bio piracy.
Much of India’s food supply such as their rice and six local varieties of eggplant was secretly tampered with and changed to GMO’s.
Mexico’s precious corn strains are being infiltrated with GMO corn and residents are resisting the cheaper USA GMO variety.
Hawaii is restricting the growing of GMO papayas although on Maui Monsanto is conducting open air experiments.
In Argentina there is massive spraying of GMO crops causing widespread sickness and birth defects.
In California a judge has recently approved the labeling of Round-Up as carcinogenic.
The huge government subsidies given to Monsanto and other corporate insiders are perverse and ensures them of continual power and influence.
Monsanto has bought out many other companies.
And now Monsanto is owned by Bayer.
But the nefarious operations still continue
They now own terminator seeds which can only propagate once.
This forces farmers to buy Monsanto owned seeds every year along with their insecticide.
What will be the outcome?
It is a race against awareness.
If the status quo is continued future generations will be sterile as is the case with rats and mice.
This will happen quite soon as Monsanto/Bayer now own the Epicyte Gene which insures infertility by causing the male and female reproductive cells to be antagonistic against each other.
This Epicyte Gene is already being put into our food supply.
GMO crops is basically chemical warfare on people.
It was never meant to increase the yield or the quality of food.
They are bioweapons for population control.
The world is being poisoned with biological warfare chemicals.
While all this is going on the cafeteria at Monsanto/Bayer only serves organic non GMO food.