At the bottom of the hill
At north entrance to the college campus
Stand 2 big old stone pillars
That are reduced to dark shades of their former glory

Originally they had exquisite statues standing on them
But were taken down because they were from the prior culture

The powers that be want us to believe there was no advanced civilization that preceded this one
In fact they want us to believe we descended from apes over the timespan of hundreds of millions of years

The tall elaborate old clock tower in the middle of campus
Looks like it belongs in St Petersburg Russia

The loud resonating sound of the bell chimes
Rings out with the harmony of the former times

When the Tartarian empire which consisted of Russia and its allies
Also held sway here in America

The halls and rooms of the buildings from the previous age of enlightenment
Now indoctrinate unsuspecting youth to a world of make believe

Reminding one of vampiric entities such as Vlad the Impaler that took over European castles
Reducing the energy in them from charged vibrancy to a low negativity

Vlad the Impaler had people impaled on steaks or spears around his castle
He is a direct ancestor of European royalty

A Familiar was a person who benefited from the power of a Dracula
Draculas are fractal verse travelers that are able remain here through the drinking of blood
The leading families are all vampires

A Familiar would eat bugs and their eyes would turn yellow
Flamingos have yellow eyes because they eat bugs

We have been conned into eating sea bugs
Shellfish crab lobster prawns crayfish oysters scallops mussels and shrimp
Are all just big ocean bugs

These are arthropods who have segmented exoskeletons that are bottom dwelling scavengers

Crickets beetles and maggot larvae are now ground up and put in our food
And served with the muscles tendons and blood of cows pigs chickens and lambs which we call meat

A steak is meat which damages the human soul
A steak is what vampire slayers use

A steak or spear is what killed the great dragon of old
Dragon is where we get the word Dracula

A steak or spear is what is supposed to have killed Jesus on the cross

The word translated as steak is the Greek word Stauros
It also means pillar

The great dragon slayer of old was Mars
Who slew the twisting current of the axis pillar
With a thunderbolt!