In 1842 Sir Richard Owen coined the word dinosaur
Before that no one ever heard of the word
And no one had ever found any evidence of them

It was then used to back up the new theory of evolution

In 1854 Ferdinand Van Der Hayden
Claimed to have found some teeth in the Upper Missouri River
And used that as evidence for dinosaurs

Then in the 1870’s Gordon Park Colorado and Como Bluff Wyoming
Were said to have deposits of dinosaur bones

Then in 1910 the badlands of Red Deer Alberta entered the fray

Also at that time period the Utah National Dinosaur Monument was established

They were said to have lived for 160 million years
And died out 70 million years ago
They became fossilized by walking in mud and getting stuck

Now dinosaur parks and museums are big business
And they pay university paleontologists to write essays about them

None of the life like illustrations have any actual dinosaur bones
They are made from plaster fiberglass dextrin and epoxy molds

The real bones are said to be locked away in vaults in the basements of museums

It is a puzzle how they would walk
With the heavy weight of their head and abdomen

In 1997 clusters of dinosaur eggs of 600 different species
Was said to be uncovered in Patagonia and Argentina

Fossils are not being formed today
And how could fossils eggs and footprints last for 70 million years

They are typically pictured in water to make it easier for them to walk
Then were quickly covered up by sediment to fossilize their bones when they died
But water will speed up decay of the remains not preserve them

It is obvious this is all science fiction

And how do paleontologists and museum directors know just where to look
And no one else can find any dinosaur fossils

Excavations of various types do turn up mammoths every so often
But never dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are as fake as the Dead Sea Scrolls
And the Piltdown Man

Petroleum is not from dead dinosaurs
It is found at great depths

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for a piece of the pie

Hollywood rakes in the money from dinosaur movies

Dinosaur Parks plant evidence in the ground
Then pretend they are doing a dig

It is all just a big show!