The earth plane is imprinted as a living holographic reality
Of our multidimensional universe

The geomantic architecture is a holographic template
That can access qualities of consciousness

There is an interplay of cosmic forces within our body
These cosmic energies are configurations
That create a living intelligent energy matrix

In order to absorb this consciousness
We have to honor all life

We disconnect ourselves when we treat animals as inanimate objects
To be used only for our consumption

There are vortex points of geomantic energy
That will help unlock our consciousness
To recognize the essential spiritual nature of all beings
And also awaken us to other realms

Pyramids cathedrals and megalithic structures
Were energetic power plants located on these vortex points

They harvested the natural earth currents
Amplifying them and distributing them over the earth plane

This intensified our spiritual life force
And expanded our consciousness
Bringing peace well being health and balance to us

Which resulted in loving relationships between ourselves
Also with the animal kingdom and the environment

Starting with the Atlantean invasion they were intentionally destroyed
And disconnected from the cosmic and earthly forces

Their ruins can be seen all over the world
Over 100 pyramids exist in Egypt

They have ridiculous cover up stories that hide their original purpose

As the technology was erased from human memory
And our connection to the cosmos was dissimulated

The Cathars who ran mystery schools
And the Essenes of whom Jesus was one
Preached the truth

We hold a divine pattern and purpose
Our multidimensional blueprint is made to interact
With the energy configurations of the earths holographic geography

We can attune ourselves to the musical arrangements of vibrating matter
And be divine vessels for light transmissions of spiritual current

We can cooperate with the Universal Creation Codes
Connect to other dimensions of time
And be the frequency that is required to repair and recircuit energy
That is at these vortex points
Which have counterparts in other dimensions

The sacred sites used to be interactive environments

They call us to work with their holographic geography
Which supports a unified consciousness!