What manifests at the microcosm level
Is created by our thought process
Which entails our perceptions and beliefs

Because we have been indoctrinated into believing
We are a by product of evolution
On a round globe racing through space
We must unlearn what we have learned

When we have an accurate assessment of the reality we are in
We can better improve our situation

Because we see round orbs above us
Does not mean we live on one

We do not experience any motion of spin or angular momentum
So we are asked to believe in something we do not experience
Which is for mind control

How does the sun shine locally
If it is 109 times the diameter of the earth
And 91 million miles away

The reason we do not see sunlight 24 hours a day
Is because the sun is small and localized

It appears to drop down and set
Only because it has reached the lines of convergence
Which is the limit we can see also called the vanishing point

The sun moves over the earth just as it appears to do
Altering its period northward or southward about 1 degree a day
As it moves through the signs of the zodiac
This also creates the seasons

The earth is not moving through space
Or the constellations would change
They rotate around the north polar axis
And return to their exact position every year

The center of the flat earth is the north pole
The Universal Axis or north polar vortex runs through the north pole
As is responsible for the northern lights

Stars are embedded in liquid plasma only a few thousand miles up
The evolution of stars is fake
Some stars radiate all the colors of the light spectrum
Color is not the result of a big bang where stars are moving away at incredible speeds

Eclipses of the sun and moon are from the former age
The eclipses of today are faked
How can an eclipse last 4 1/2 hours
If the earth is moving at 1100 miles per minute
And the moon is traveling at 180 miles per minute
As per conventional astronomy

Water finds its level it does not curve
A ship that is supposed to be below the curve
Can be brought back to sight with a Nikon P900 or a telescope

The former age where Saturn was our sun positioned in the North
Explains the presence of tropical animals and plants in the northern hemisphere
That were suddenly engulfed in a climate changing catastrophe

The earth is not a wobbling ball
It is motionless
And there is no precision of the equinoxes

The atmosphere does not move in accordance with an imagined earth spin
Clouds would not move in different directions if that was the case!