Saturn was once our sun
Life giving ultraviolet and infrared rays
Were continually rained down upon us

This is the Prana that Hindus seek through meditation

Nature thrived and we thrived in nature
We were grounded to the electrical frequency of the earth

We absorbed the electrons through our heals and soles of our feet
And it healed our souls

Electrons neutralize free radicals
We receive a lot of free radicals from eating animals
Because they are hard to digest

It takes a half an hour to digest a salad
And over a week to completely digest a hamburger

Rubber souls were introduced to put us out of polarity with the earth
They are called sneakers because it was snuck upon us

The previous advanced civilizations received most of their needed nutrients
Just by breathing
And they did not need to put bathrooms in their buildings

The plan now is to put us on synthetic food
To take out our copper and replace it with barium and strontium
So that our brain wave frequencies can be more easily altered

Our consciousness is like a musical scale
With frequencies that can match spiraling harmonic dimensions

We can incorporate their blueprints and manifest their templates

Reality is a projection of timelines
Which are manifestations of light

Creation codes of electromagnetic energy implant instruction sets into morphogenetic fields
Morphogenetic fields produce holograms which our consciousness interacts with

Holograms are matrices based on geometrical patterns
Our brain interprets transmissions of holographic architecture

All our collective beliefs and dreams produce a reality
Our perspective is based on waveforms of light spectrums

We process electrical impulses transmitted from our DNA

Artificial realities are holographic inserts
They bend light to subvert our perspective
They change our identity and control our consciousness

Which the entities are using to manifest themselves in our realm

Our reality has been staged to an incomprehensible degree

They have us begging for new laws that will institute the Beast System

When we have high intent we vibrate with the higher frequencies
We are then put on a roadmap to higher consciousness
And manifest higher thoughtforms

Virtues with wisdom is strength
Ask yourself What is your motivation!