We are in a transhumanist world
That needs to be constantly upgraded

Radio frequency beams of holographic lasers
Are being continually pulsed at night into homes

Supercomputers are being fed information by the Cloud
Which is a barium and strontium refraction veil
Fed by chemtrails

They connect to the cell towers
Which transmit the frequency beams
And ionize the nano particles
That was hidden in the nano juice of the Covid vaccine

What everything is about is cutting off your higher connection
And putting your consciousness into the Metaverse

It is a battle of consciousness

The universe is a wave that distributes positive energy
A wave is now upon us

Source created negativity by just imagining the possibility
And negativity is trying to escape their expiration date

The wave is an all consuming fire of universal plasma
Which is heaven to us
But hell to the opposing negative entities

Our frequencies will determine its severity
So that is why our vibration has been kept low

Past advanced civilizations were taken down gradually
Through plot and intrigue
And directed energy weapons

The upcoming world war is a smokescreen to employ
The 60 millimeter gigahertz radio frequency wave
Which prevents our cells from receiving oxygen

When our cells receive inadequate oxygen they suffocate
Their ATP light is then kept at a very low level
And our vibration is minimized

The spraying of aluminum also affects our ability to think independently
Producing inflammatory disorders

Depleted uranium was sprayed all over Iraq
The wars in Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria Serbia
Were all for keeping the countries down
So that they an be exploited

The US military which is the strongarm for the United Nations
Has invaded over 50 countries since World War 2

Libya was building a water system to provide clean abundant water to all of Africa
That is why it was invaded

Chlorine bleach is continually dumped in our drinking water
Chlorine prevents oxygen from being transported to the cells
Which keep down our vibration and harms our health

Only Israel with 5 state of the art desalinization plants has pure healthy drinking water

Fear is used to keep us at a low vibration also

Religion is used to keep us at a low frequency in an artificial reality
Catholic and Protestant churches are tax exempt and even get funding

They are presided over by Freemasons
Who partake of a ritual where they take a cross turn it upside down and break the horizontal arms
To signify their repudiation of Christianity

There will be no rapture
And there is no one coming to save us

The Millennial Reign was the approximately 1000 years of Tartarian culture
That ended in the years 1811 through 1817

Whose buildings which we cannot replicate are hidden in plain sight
Wars and resets are used to demolish these buildings

Our future is one of micro drones and nano bots
And people not being themselves

We will have an upcoming world war money system collapse and induced famine

Those who took the shot and whose body cannot handle the effects
Of poverty and sickness will become the walking dead in a zombie apocalypse

The first step is to realize what is coming
Then realize your own power
We can affect our molecular structure
Alter our timelines and manifest new realities by our thoughts

Thoughts are vibrations and have different frequencies
What you think and feel you will become

If you think in positive terms
Your life will be positive in every aspect

I guarantee it!