During medieval times the Thames River in England was frozen over. Before that it was so warm there that monks grew vineyards around the monasteries. The names of vineyards are still used for certain localities and streets.
In 15th century there were approximately 700 monasteries in England. Some had up to 400 monks. They were well educated and worked hard. They had a higher standard of living than the commoners. And they drank a lot of wine.
Even with the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry V111 who ruled from 1491 to 1547 there was still 139 sizable vineyards. 67 were owned by noble families, 52 were owned by the Church of England and 11 were owned by the Crown. In the early 1800’s the vineyards declined rapidly because of a change in the weather.
Attempts were made to reintroduce wine growing in southern England by importing grapes that could withstand colder temperatures. But it has had little success.
So you can see there has been climate change in our recent history.
The input of the sun’s charged particles into our atmosphere has always played a major role in our climate.
The sun’s influence can be altered by high energy microwave technology directed right at it.
This is possible because the sun is not unimaginably huge and unimaginably far away.
This was the cause of the climate change in approximately 1812.
Now as a result of chemtrails our atmosphere has been modified.
These chemtrails contain heavy metals which are conductive and they reflect charged particles. The evaporation process of water droplets which are ionized bipolar molecules has been disturbed. And so precipitation without direct involvement no longer occurs.
The drift current that has determined weather patterns has also been undermined.
Even the rays of the sun are no longer as influential as they once were. So now they are using a sun simulator to magnify the sun’s output.
And what is being passed off as nuclear energy plants are in fact producing the mist necessary for rain.
But even more mind boggling is that on the Antarctic continent there are weather modification stations that are artificially manufacturing our weather.
we live on a flat plane surrounded by the continent of Antarctica.
The promotion of a spinning globe began in Medieval times. Before that all maps showed a flat earth surrounded by Antarctica.
Medieval cartographers were paid to make maps showing our world as a globe. To accomplish this they made out Antarctica to be only located in the Southern hemisphere. But they showed it to be free of ice and they drew the coastline of Southern Antarctica in detail.
The most famous of these maps is the Piri Reis Map. It was found in 1929 in Istanbul Turkey and drawn up by the explorer General Piri Reis in 1513. It is claimed to be from 20 source maps.
Another famous map showing the outline of an ice free Antarctica is the Oronteus Finaeus map from 1531. It is of amazing detail showing rivers, valleys and the coastline of Southern Antarctica now hidden under ice. It also shows the outline of Greenland and the Americas.
Christopher Columbus knew about these maps and it is claimed that he himself transcribed the coastlines of the Americas and Antarctica. This is referred to as the lost map of Columbus.
The Hadji Ahmed map of 1559 displays the bays and coastal mountains of Southern Antarctica and has the correct delineation of it’s West Coast.
The Mercator map of 1569 is from the Flemish (Belgium) explorer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator. It is famous for the accurate rendering of an area in the Weddell Sea in Eastern part of Southern Antarctica called Coats Land.
Unless there was no ice none of this mapmaking could be possible without todays sophisticated radar equipment that can penetrate the thick ice sheet.
They tell us now the ice sheet in Antarctica has existed for millions of years.
And we are taught that Antarctica wasn’t discovered until the early 1800’s.
The fact is that Antarctica was once a tropical paradise with dense forests, green valleys and roaming marsupials.
And if you get past the ice I’m sure it still is. But no one is allowed. That is the reason for the big cover-up.
The fallacy of global warming as a result of carbon emissions is being promoted so that higher taxes can be levied.
There is also a suppression of technology that does not require oil or gas.
The weather is being controlled so that we can be controlled!