Where did our notions of a God or Supreme Being originate? If He intervened in the past over someone taking a bite of an apple why doesn’t he step in today and do something about war or the mass murder of animals. Do these kind of stories and religion in general have another explanation? One that has its’ roots in the theatre of the sky.
In the remote past the sign or emblem for god planets and stars were one and the same. This cuneiform symbol for god without exception was also associated with the heavenly bodies as far back as the most archaic periods. Places such as Uruk in Mesopotamia had a determinative for god and it was also identified with astral entities. In ancient Babylon the worship of effigies of gods was common. And these same gods had planetary symbols as well. In Sumer the cuniform sign for god and star were synonymous. Stars (planets) and gods were the same thing as far back as extant written records reach.
Also in ancient times priest and astronomer were the same occupation. You couldn’t be a priest without observing the planetary motions. The reason for this is that planetary motions were not stable as they are now. The heavens had a different arrangement and the gods were the planets whom people worshipped, beseeched, sacrificed to and tried to propitiate. They entreated and bargained with the gods to treat them well. As is done now.
The planet Saturn was the Father/Creator god in all the ancient pantheons. Religion and myth the world over ascribe characteristics to him which is not true of the planet today. This can only mean Saturn was once a close companion to our world and hovered over our planet which induced the idea of God. Our ancient ancestors describe Saturn as 1) the primordial sun, the first sun, the best sun 2) being motionless 3) shining at night 4) being the farthest up in the sky or Most High God 5) resting on top of a mountain or pathway or ladder 6) having a city surrounding Him and/or helpers, watchers, dwarfs, children. 7) He was referred to as the First Father or King of Kings. 8) his abode or kingdom was in the North
The Book of Psalms reads: Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. In the city of our god in the mountain of his holiness. Beautiful in elevation. The joy of the whole earth. Is Mt. Zion on the sides of the North the city of the great king.
The God of the Old Testament – El or Elohim or Jehovah is Saturn.
When Mars, Venus and Saturn lined up they were considered a Trinity. Three gods in one. Father (Saturn) Son (Mars) and Holy Ghost (Venus). Ghost or spirit can be also interpreted as wind and Venus animated Saturn with its’ ethereal streamers.
When Saturn once a free floating brown dwarf star, came into contact with our current sun’s plasmasphere electrical interactions occurred. Saturn being the smaller of the two and having the smaller voltage had a flare up or nova like disturbance. This blinding brilliance went down as ‘Day One’ in religious texts. This was the beginning of God status for the formerly quiescent brown dwarf star enshrouded in clouds and glowing feebly through its’ dense circumstellar disk – interpreted as a cosmic sea. It was now seen as the Creator God.
With the birth of the idea of god came also religion. The world changed as the current sun gained in influence. Animals and humans turned on each other in their quest for food.
Religion developed as a control system. The belief of atonement began. Humans and animals were sacrificed to pay the penalty for sin. The belief that God condones the suffering and killing of animals continues today.
But some religions emphasize the time of earliest beginnings when humans and animals lived in harmony. Various sects of Hindu and Buddhist prohibit the harming and eating of animals. And even Christian groups preach that abstaining from eating flesh is the original arrangement and it is how God intended it to be.
Being charged bodies the planets interacted electrically and created plasma formations. They seemed to be alive and were anthropomorphized and imbued with human traits.
As the present sun asserted its’ control, the planets retreated to the heavenly realms and the currently existing system prevailed. The memory of the planetary gods faded and they were eventually ‘brought down to Earth’ and were looked upon as heroic humans with supernatural abilities. Certain people such as political and religious leaders were deified and given the attributes of the former Gods.
Earth, formerly a member of the Saturnian system became a planet revolving around the sun. Even though we were very lucky for our world to wind up in a habitable zone at our present distance away from the sun at 92.6 million miles, our world and its’ life forms have endured great hardships as a result of this change.
The universe is made up of a circuitry of stars. Electrical energy is transferred throughout the cosmos and is the reasons stars shine. We are but specs living on a spec of dust revolving around an anode (the sun) in a small galaxy in a remote region of the universe. The sun is an anode and is the focus of electrical activity storing and transmitting charged particles to other stars.
But we still like to believe we are the main attention of what we consider to be a Supreme Being.
If you look at the Fornax cluster of galaxies and the Virgo cluster you find the same distribution of clusters. The Virgo cluster is the nearest rich cluster of galaxies centered on the constellation Virgo. The scale on the sky is the same and it is as if we are looking at two identical clusters from a point midway between them. The implication is that they resemble the two hemispheres of a brain.
We are living in a Universal Mind or Consciousness that has the circuitry of stars as its’ composition.