Where did our notions of a Supreme Being originate?
If God intervened in the past over someone taking a bite of an apple why doesn’t He step in today and do something about war or the mass murder of animals. Why would one want to worship a Being who turns a blind eye to suffering?
The appeal of religion is varied. It is a control mechanism. Joining the true believers gets you God’s special favor. And then you get to go to heaven.
If things go wrong then God or the devil is testing you. Or maybe you were not trusting God. Or maybe God wants you to grow through trials in order to make you spiritually stronger.
One of my high school friends Tim Remmington became a Pastor. He founded his own church and it grew rapidly. He became well known and people admired him. Then one Sunday in front of the church he was shot 7 times. He barely survived. Some of the bullets have not been able to be removed. He still has a bullet lodged in his brain. He has had to endure tremendous amounts of pain. He has lost use of an arm and his health has suffered.
His ordeal has been rationalized in order for people to keep their faith.
In the remote past the sign for God was one and the same emblem as that for stars and planets. This cuneiform symbol was a star-like object. Without exception it was associated with the heavenly bodies as far back as the most archaic periods.
Places such as Uruk in Mesopotamia had a determinative for god and it was also identified with astral entities.
In ancient Babylon the worship of effigies of gods was common. These same gods had planetary symbols as well.
In Sumer the cuniform sign for god and star were synonymous. Gods and planets were the same thing as far back as extant written records reach.
It is ubiquitous in ancient times that priest and astronomer were the same occupation. You couldn’t be a priest without observing the planetary motions. The heavens had a different arrangement and planetary motions were not stable as they are now.
The planetary gods seem to be alive and were anthropomorphized and imbued with human characteristics.
People tried to find favor with these gods by imitating them.
The plasmatic interactions of charged bodies hovering close to our plane resulted in multifarious explanations of what was taking place in the sky.
The Biblical belief of child sacrifice has as it’s origin Saturn and it’s moons.
Isaac was going to sacrifice Jacob.
When Mars was positioned in front of the spiraling cross shaped fiery emanations of Venus it was described as the Father God Saturn sacrificing his only Son.
This ancient configuration propelled people all over the world to sacrifice in a fire their first born to god. The sacrificial victim gradually got changed to law-breakers then to members from other tribes or races then to animals then to crops.
The sacrifice took place on top of God’s Holy Mountain. In the Bible it is referred to as Golgatha. It was the same as the Stairway to Heaven. It was a sustained plasma outflow.
The eating of the body of Christ and the drinking of his blood in the Eucharist also goes back to the appearance of Mars in close interactions with other charged bodies hovering close above.
People not only still imitate and sacrifice to these heavenly deities they entreat, beseech and bargain with them. I’ll do what you want but you have to bless me or else what’s the point.
The planet Saturn was the Father and Creator God in all the ancient pantheons.
Religion and myth the world over ascribe characteristics to Him which is not true of the planet today.
This can only mean Saturn was once a close companion to our world and hovered over our planet which induced the idea of God.
Our ancient ancestors describe Saturn as:
1 the primordial sun, the first sun and the best sun
2 being motionless and resting on top of a mountain, ladder or pathway
3 shining at night
4 being the farthest up in the sky or Most High God
5 having a city surrounding Him. The celestial lights therein are also described as children, helpers, dwarves, angels or watchers
6 the First Father or King of Kings
7 having an abode or kingdom in the North
When Mars, Venus and Saturn lined up they were three gods in one. Father Son and Holy Ghost. Ghost or spirit can be also interpreted as wind and so the third person of the trinity has been considered at times not to be Venus but the ethereal ray of light which emanated from Saturn.
As this age of the gods dispersed and the divine beings retreated to remote parts of the sky the places, events and participants were brought down to Earth.
As their memory faded the heavenly gods became superhuman men who once lived on earth.
The celestial mountain of god became localized.
Religion developed.
It was seen by unscrupulous people as a way to control others.
By acting as if they were God’s chosen they promised believers control through divine agents.
This taps into people’s egos, heals their insecurities and gives them a purpose.
The unwitting masses through the centuries have followed them.
The ruse is to make them believe they are the focus of a Loving Supreme All Mighty Deity.
Who likes to test people’s faith!