Aerosols are dumped down upon us
With micro sized smart dust
Which burrows into lung tissue
And executes various missions

These nano bots release fibers
And are trying to build a new piezoelectric system
In our nervous system and brain
Where AI can have direct access

We all have them

A person filled with nano bots wearing a neuro transmitter
Can affect and arrange nano bots in the environment

The goal is to completely control us
To see into our brain
And transfer images and memories from one to another

They want to control the rate of spin and axis of rotation of our electrons
And thus our perception of time and space of our universe

An agreement with other dimensional entities
Has given certain people a vast amount of technology and power

In exchange they will be required to let them use or possess their bodies

Our life force is stolen by these entities

And these people sacrifice our life force
To manifest for themselves more wealth status and power

Sexual energy is the easiest to manipulate
And has a high yield of harvest

Bohemian Grove has child sacrifice rituals
That takes energy from the child

But they also have to give away their sovereignty to the entities
Who want to feed off the negative energy

Empaths are also seen as food

Earth has become a training ground for demons
And they are arriving in greater numbers
To partake in the loosh system

Lincoln and Rosslyn Cathedrals in the United Kingdom
Are being used as portals

Naga is a reptilian woman from the underground
The Vatican is referred to as the Naga

Now is the time to connect to your higher selves

When an area is cursed
The people are easily controlled

Do not wait for Glinda the Good Witch
To release you from spells

Silica has a crystalline structure that allows for a higher resonating quality of light
That is why fiber optics have silica

Horsetail also known as shave grass is known for its mineral content
Especially the essential trace mineral silica

The Book of Revelation is being used as a script
To bring in the Beast System

Project Blue Beam will deceive people
A major cyber attack is also planned

Birds try to pull apart 5G wires
Because of their bad vibes

Do not believe the fake stream news

Knowledge without virtue is magnified darkness!