Up road from Enaville Idaho
Is Smelterville
A small community
With a huge mining history

It had an enormous
Zinc Iron and Silver Smelting facility
Which cast ingots up to 2000 pounds
At 99.9 percent purity

It was part of the Bunker Hill Mining operations

The Bunker Hill Mine had 27 levels
Going down into the ground for over a mile

The Bunker Hill Mine
Had a huge high technology 73.5 ton air compressor
Which is now sitting behind the Kellogg Museum

All this was part of a larger mining operation
Which featured incredibly built
Processing plants
Of various kinds
With enormous sophisticated machinery

Most of which has been destroyed

There were also hundreds of other mines in the area

This was part of an even bigger picture

There was extensive logging operations

A 30 mile canal was built
From Cataldo to Coeur d’Alene Lake
Which is now the Coeur d’Alene River

This was needed to drain the swamps
And to float the logs down to lumber mills
Located on the lake

There used to be 7 mills on the lake

Enormous areas of basalt rock
Was evenly cut out
Of mountainous areas
Where elaborate damns were constructed
To control the flow of the now
Much larger water drainage system

There was also an extensive Railroad system
That went up to the North Idaho mountains

And there were electric trains
In operation at the various plants

North Idaho in the late 1800’s
Was supposed to have been the Wild West

It did not have the manpower
Nor the capability
To do any of these
Enormous highly skilled constructions

And ingenious inventions
Of complex machinery

In the late 1800’s
Or early 1900’s

The truth is that it all
Was inherited from the former culture
Which was wiped out in the early 1800’s

The former Tartarian Empire