To heal ourselves of emotional pain
And dissolve the effects
We must first love ourselves unconditionally
Then forgive the source of pain

We must identify belief systems that trigger our pain
And our trauma based energy blockages
And remember our true spiritual essence

We must be fully present with the pain or fear when it comes
Without believing that it is part of our authentic self
And surround it with love light and power

The tendency is to hide what we fear

When you get comfortable with emotional vulnerability
It is a great strength

As our sovereign and liberated self opens up
Emotional processing rebalancing and cleansing results
And we heal our fragmented soul

Which then opens up consciousness of our star seed identity
And healing in non physical planes

As we process complex energies
We get in touch with emotions of historical events
Of monumental importance that have been erased
Even wars from higher harmonic realms and parallel timelines

And get a helicopter ride of memories
That need to surface be witnessed and reintegrated

Historical occurrences have been deliberately erased or altered
To eliminate accurate consciousness records
And gain control over future timelines

Negative entities oppose ascension and consciousness liberation
And employ powerful countermeasures of holographic versions of 3D reality

Psychological operations on the general public
Make unapproved themes un processable
Enmeshing them in a 3D reality of materialism and the negative ego

When one tries to interpret and decode signals or data streams
From incoming energetic plasma waveforms
All that is needed is an association with neural linkages
Of higher sensory input

And you will see the Grand Illusion
And the man behind the curtain

It is our duty to build higher quality inner strength
That will shield us from all reactions

Smile and be of good moral character
Respond with dignity and integrity
Keep appropriate boundaries

Always act confident
Be the unique person you are

Transitions in life and milestone events
Mark our stages of spiritual development
Death is the biggest transition phase of our consciousness journey

Life after death is more real

We all need to make peace with this stage
As well as alleviate our other fears

If we do then beautiful events are awaiting in our future!