In the very first chapter of Genesis it is stated:
In the beginning Elohim created shemayim and eretz. And eretz was tohu wa bohu and darkness was on the surface of the tehom. And the rauch of Elohim moved upon the face of mayim.
Shemayim means the Heavens or more specifically the Dwelling Place of God.
Eretz usually translated as Earth means land but originally meant Land of the Gods. This celestial area was right under the Heavenly Throne.
Tohu wa bohu traditionally translated as without form or void also means Utter Chaos. This would be in keeping with the same Chaos referred to in other creation accounts. Such as the Phoenician’s Dark Chaos. The Greek Ovid stated that before Creation there was Chaos. The Latin Creator God Janus means Chaos.
The Hebrew term Tehom which is translated as Abyss or the Deep in Genesis means a surging mass of water. This is what the Rauch of Elohim was moving on prior to creation. Only in this verse is Rauch translated as Spirit but it means Wind and is translated as Wind in the rest of the Old Testament.
The Sumerian God Enlil as well as other Saturnian gods are associated with wind. Enlil means Lord of the Violent Wind. The Rauch (Wind) of Elohim is the same as the Sanctus Spiritus which impregnated the Virgin Mother (Venus) personified as Mary. It is also the Greek God Boreas which translates as The North Wind. This Wind caused the separation of the waters above from the waters below. The Wind was a sustained emanation of plasma from Saturn. It took the form of a sky pillar, a tower such as the Tower of Babel, a single leg (Yahweh was pictured on ancient coins with one leg) or his phallus.
It was a stream of light poured out by the Creator. It became the illuminated support of the sky which Mars gods such as Ajax upheld. It was a fiery, whirling ray from above. It was looked upon as a ladder (Jacob’s Ladder), mountain (Mt. Zion), tree (the Tree of Life), rope or backbone.
The Rauch of Saturn can be likened to a rotating vortex or celestial tornado. When Venus agitated this plasma stream the scene was depicted as a witch stirring her cauldron. When Mars agitated it, the spectacle was seen as Paul Bunyon and his Blue Ox wandering around in the North taking out vast swaths of forest.
Saturn Gods all over the world including Elohim are associated with water or what looked like water but was actually a circumstellar disk.
Elohim, Eloah or El is equivalent to the Greek Kronos and were used interchangeably in extra Biblical sources. El was also the name of the Most High God in various Canaanite pantheons.
El has also common traits with the Babylonian Ea called Shar Apsi – King of the Watery Abyss. In the Rig Veda, Varuna is Lord of the Waters. In the Koran Allah is Throned above the Waters. The name Allah and its’ correspondence with Eloah is quite evident.
In North America there is hardly a native tribe which does not have a primeval ocean that existed before their God commenced on his work of creation.
When Saturn flared up it produced a tumultuous sound. The Word of God. Time began and it was Day 1. Kronos (Saturn) literally means Time. No time existed before Saturn’s flare-up because there was no variations in the sky. The Earth Plane was enshrouded in the Primordial Darkness with a feeble light emanating from Saturn through it’s dense surroundings. This was the Primordial Purple Glow.
Religion and myth began because people the world over were fixated on the sky watching the same momentous occurrences trying to make sense of it all in human terms.
And finally Mayim means the (celestial) waters.
So the verse reads: In the beginning Saturn created his dwelling place in heaven (the visible sky where Saturn was positioned) and the Land of the Gods (area of planets and moons beneath). This Land (City) of the Gods was utter chaos and darkness was on the surface of Saturn’s circumstellar cloud (described as a surging mass of waters). And the Wind of Saturn (a whirling beam of light or stellar ray) moved upon the face of this disk (celestial waters).
In Psalms, Yahweh (Saturn) is to be praised by the waters above that are in the heavens. By the time of Isiah the waters were no longer visible. Isiah asks Yahweh Art thou not the one that dried up the sea – the waters of the great Tehom?
Saturn with it’s Circumstellar disk and plasma jet dominated the Northern sky. It was our original sun, best sun and true sun. Due to it’s close proximity it was much bigger than the present day sun or full moon.
It’s nova like flare-up is the reason behind the verse in Genesis Let There Be Light.
Maybe Saturn had previous flare-ups which are responsible for the geological ages. Flare-ups would cause floods, hurricanes and fires.
Maybe the bombardment of charged particles is the way DNA gets changed. It would then be responsible for different hominids, races, species and variations within species.
Saturn was the Resting God encircled by His Enclosure on top of The Mountain of His Holiness.
He was the bright and glorious God that remained steadfast in the northern realms.
Saturn was beautiful in elevation. The joy of the whole Earth.