When you are unaware of imposter disguises and facades
Their misaligned intentions will usurp your consciousness

The strength of an inverted system is dependent upon human ignorance

People in power pretend to care about others needs and desires
And hide their true motivation

The big charitable organizations are nothing more than fronts
For human trafficking sex slaves and money laundering
And they use bribes to get away with it

They show impoverished children in need
Propelling good hearted people to send in cash donations

Academia religion and the media promote anti human belief systems
Wich enforce our enslavement and spiritual sickness

Academia puts out indoctrinated humans to work for corporate conglomerates
Corporations are fronts for the control system and energy inversion

Good hearted young people who are fixated on obtaining money wealth and status
Become psychopathic in their business environment
Unaware that in their cluttered unconscious mind
They are operating in and advancing the death culture

Corporate employees serve a small limited faction of elite people
Who exist at the top of the pyramid and hoard unimaginable wealth
And who take advantage of other people
Who they look upon as objects for their own use

Believing that it is the marketed perception of credibility that only matters

Multiple personas take away authenticity
Splitting the personality into dissociative identities

When a person becomes duplicitous
Their soul gets fractured
And trapped in phantom confinement prisons

The more disconnected a soul is
The more it sinks into primitive layers of existence
And the more it becomes bound with negative entities
Who form attachments to those they feed upon

Enabling their presence in the multidimensional layers of the earth plane

They rely on negative human energy
Because their vibration is incompatible with the earths electromagnetic field
And with normal human frequency levels

This negative human energy is called loosh
Which is an anagram for soul

The redirecting to the masses of fear based distractions and mindless entertainment
And the aligning of good hearted people with deceptive leaders
Ensure that these inverted systems will continue
So that loosh keeps on being harvested!