You do not have to have a part in the negative reality
But if you believe in the negative that is what you will see

If you want to switch to the positive
Eventually you will have an outcome that will liberate you

But you have to stay in a positive vibration moment to moment
Through your emotions thoughts and deeds to crystallize it

When you realize you have a non positive reaction to someone
Then pursue a calm expression of thoughts that are in alignment with higher values

The news media projects a hologram that is not your truth
It is a timeline that someone wants to impose on you

Express gratitude to neutralize what you see and shift your focus
Do not reject the negative because it is also part of consciousness

You are the creator
Choose the frequency you want to project
Implement the outcome that you desire

You project light from your pineal gland and vibrational sound through your thoughts emotions and deeds
Light and sound creates plasma
The quantum field is made up of plasma that organizes itself into geometric structures that make up reality

If you are in a situation where doubt and fear arise that manipulates your behavior
Then be indifferent to the outcome

Smile be thankful and do not allow self limiting thoughts that will throw you off balance
Stand tall with good posture and present yourself with high value

Treat others with respect and kindness while being content and cheerful
And you will find the confidence that you need to project the desired version of yourself
Tell yourself you are creating a positive outcome

You are made of the plasma in which you are manifesting
And you will receive what you project into the plasma field

Others are in your reality because they are a projection of your consciousness
Do not reject anyone or you will put a negative sequence in the field

Let the synchronicity of the structure come to you
Then proceed onto a desired reality

You have all the power because you are consciousness itself!