The lower brain or brainstem
Has a preloaded software program
To keep your body alive

This is where the subconscious resides
It is incredibly fast
And reacts before the conscious mind
Receives the survival impulse

It will flush the mind first
Before rational analysis takes place

When danger is perceived
It will cause the vagus nerve to shut down all organs below the diaphragm
And speed up the ones above
Activating the adrenal glands

This is when we get superhuman strength to escape danger
It happened to me when I was 5 years old

The lower brain can also shut down the body
Immobilizing it to play dead
When it perceives it will not survive

This is done for anesthetization to minimize suffering

The soul can leave the body in high impact trauma
In Satanic ritual abduction
In wartime
And during sleep

When you think too much
It is because the lower survival brain
Has recorded everything on hard drive

When a circumstance that has a similar cluster of data bits arises
The subconscious tries to prevent the trauma from happening again
So it pushes us into the danger zone

It is easy to see why the media and Hollywood
Tries to actively keep us in the yellow zone of anxiety and fear

So that the survival brain keeps running the show
Making us more easily manipulated!