All famous people are controlled
Or else they would not be promoted

Influential leaders are used
To control the publics mind

A collective trance like state can be achieved
Because our subconscious has been programmed

Reptilians and Grey aliens work together
Grey aliens have made tall white clones

Presidents have been controlled possessed and cloned
President Taft had a tail

Medieval priests called Alumbrados
Were Illuminati insiders
As are priests today

During the fake Black Plague and Spanish Flu epidemics
Masks were also worn

A mask over your mouth means you are a slave
A mask over the face means an entity
Is trying to blend in with society

Masks are also now worn by occult members
To celebrate the coming Antichrist

Reptilians are manipulative ego driven
Emotionless sociopathic and duplicitous

They view humans as a battery
Batteries harness energy

Our currency is an exchange of energy
Currency is currents

And to charge is to increase the current

The final stage
Is the revealing of themselves to us

Which is happening now

They will attempt to gain our trust
With promises of friendship and technology

And position themselves as saviors!