A slider is a person who travels from one reality to another
They come to play and have fun

But then have to leave or they will start to die
They avoid entropy by jumping from world to world

When Jesus called the Jewish Religious Structure a Synagogue of Satan
It was not just a metaphor
They practiced child blood sacrifice to Satan

The actual time period of Jesus was in the late 1500s
Since then the practice of child sacrifice has expanded
Political figures Hollywood personalities and people in the pulpit are involved in child trafficking

Many of these are not who you think they are
They are clones and reptilians

Underground genetic labs and holding repositories
Are filled with creatures spliced with human DNA

They are merged with assorted animal consciousness
That are designed for slavery in virtual reality networks

It is beyond your imagination how dark it is
But these forces are struggling to maintain their iron grip
Because it is being cleaned up

When a person is disconnected spiritually by their negative ego
It results in mental fracturing

When one has the intent to send harm
They will be subject to the consequences of their own actions

Because of the new energy coming in
They are receiving a magnified energetic backlash
A boomerang effect that results in great self harm

For those who even dabble in Black Magic and Satanic ritual
It has become an extremely self destructive practice

This is why alien entities do not kill us outright
But use mind control influence through elaborate lies and deception
To get us to engage in negative thoughts and behavior

Their human accomplices erase and change history
And hide ancient knowledge

They try to make us sick and exhausted
So that we feel demoralized into believing there is no hope

They try to get us to succumb to lower frequency attitudes and emotional wounds
So that we give our power away

Instead fill your being with creative colors
And set your intention to align with your highest purpose

Fill yourself with love and truth
And you will receive a higher state of frequency

Through forgiveness and sincerity
You will gain the ability to perform incredible healing and manifestation

You will achieve unity with life
And know your real human essence

As you explore your destiny
You will realize the Golden Rule is now more energetically true then ever!