History has been changed
And religion has been instituted
To mind wipe the truth of the alien invasion

By being indoctrinated into religion
Humans accept blood sacrifice and violence as Gods will

We are degradingly programmed into believing we need a holy intermediary

And when the time comes the Church will deceive us into submitting
To a full scale invasion of aliens
Who have replicated our genetic code
Trying to sustain themselves with the life force of humans
And exist on earth without degeneration

When on has a binding to religion
Ritual energy is extracted from them

They lose access to free and open thinking

Anxiety about performing the ritual correctly
Leads to rigid thought forms
That fragment the mind

The Fall of humanity was the forgetfulness of our divine spiritual nature
And our interconnection with all life

We had a direct relationship to the Universe
By aligning ourselves with the Cosmic Sovereign Law

Virtues greatly increased the energetic effectiveness
Of our sphere of influence

We have consciousness key coding in our DNA
That can be imprinted upon stargates

Source energy is now being directed inside our cells
Causing divine illumination of our personality

As the inner mitochondrial membrane is activated
It produces ATP which generates light

This inner presence of light is a Transfiguration
Spiritualizing the chemistry of our blood
And aligning us to higher divine realms

Frequency activations are a natural part of light accretion
And occur in rhythms as the pulsation rate of particles speed up

Our chakras will eventually become absorbed
And reconfigured within our aura

Due to the atmospheric metamorphosis
And the magnetic resonance that emanates from the earth
Our memories will alter and feel different
As if they were another experience

We will then be able to connect to our future identities
Allowing us to be fully grounded in our eternal self
Aligned with the Cosmic Sovereign Law!