Chinese fighter jets and aircraft carriers surround Taiwan
But the Taiwanese are Chinese
The fake war is getting even more fake

The cloned troops are standing by in battle formation
Will fight upon command
And bury all invading enemies

The elite have a catalogue where they can shop for kids
To be used for sex sacrifice and cannibalism

Some girls are kept as breeders

These are the same people who ran the Iraqi War
Sadaam Hussein turned out to be a CIA agent
As was Osama bin Laden whose CIA name was Tim Osmond

Millions of Iraqis were killed because of the lie
That they had weapons of mass destruction

And that Arabs overpowered pilots with a dining utensil
Then hopped in the pilot seat with no training
And drove 767s with incredible maneuvers right into buildings

Directed energy weapons are what incinerated Paradise California
Cars were flipped over and melted
Porcelain counter tops brick fireplaces and bathtubs were reduced to ashes

Forest fires do not get that hot

Magnetic nano particles are creating a hydra like neural network internally
Bluetooth signals are coming from the vaxxed

So called swab tests are for clandestine brain access

The boron mineral is the only known nanobot detoxifier
It is safe to take internally

Baking soda Epson salts and Himalayan salts are also very good

Because of depleted soils iodine selenium boron and magnesium are lacking

Supplements like electric atomic iodine is good to take
Without iodine our cell receptors will be filled by fluoride and chlorine
Which prevent the efficient making of hormones

A three day apple diet will flush toxins out of the body
The pectin in apples is natures way of doing it

Spirulina and chlorella are highly recommended

Wheat grass contains 98 of the 102 earth elements
And has 20 times denser nutrients

Fruits vegetables nuts and grains should make up the bulk of the diet

Dandelion and milk thistle are good detoxifiers

Bentonite clay removes heavy metals

Ginger garlic and beets are very healthy

We are herbivores

Our body is a temple
And not a repository for animal carcasses!