The Beatles were a product of Tavistock
Which is a part of British Intelligence

Tavistock hired songwriters and musicians
Who were responsible for all the Beatles songs
Contrary to popular opinion

The reason why the Beatles met the Maharishi
And got into Transcendental Meditation

Was to give non physical entities greater access
By establishing a connection to your nervous system

When a person reaches the Beta and Alpha Wave meditative state
It makes it easier for an entity
To attach to the base of your spine
And work through you

When a Yogi wants you to awaken the Kundalini
It allows entities to occupy you

Kundalini is latent energy at the base of your spine

When a high level entity
Is able to attach to your nervous system
They then try to awaken your pineal gland

Because the pineal gland is a portal
To non physical dimensions

This is also why the Christian religion is promoted

Because Christians put themselves into a state
Which makes them more vulnerable to possession

There are good spirits and bad spirits

The Holy Spirit was the Axis Mundi
Which is now responsible for the Northern Lights

It was more highly charged in former times
Giving off a milky white appearance
Thus it was called the Milky Way
Or Holy Ghost

It was also the North Wind

So when Christians pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit
They are out of touch with reality
And it opens them up to be occupied

And when people are involved with churches
That have occultic leaders
Such as Joel Osteen
Who is actually a female

Then they are even more likely
To be filled with an unclean spirit!