We live in an actor based reality

Kermit Roosevelt son of Theodore Roosevelt
Played Adolph Hitler and Walt Disney

Ethel Roosevelt who is Kermits sister
Played Eva Braun

The Bush family is the Roosevelt family

Robin Bush played Hillary Clinton

Ross Perot is Nathan Bush
Quentin Roosevelt is HW Bush
They both played Nazi Secret Service men

Archibald Roosevelt who is Kermits brother
Became Prescott Bush

Mark Greenberg who became President of AIG
Was Josef Mengele

Elliot Roosevelt became JP Morgan
And the 27th President Willian Taft
From 1909-1913

The Kennedy family is also the Roosevelt family
John F Kennedy became Jimmy Carter

The Roosevelts are the Rockefellers
The Rockefellers are the Rothschilds

David Rockefeller is George Soros

Michael Rockefeller became Tom Hanks

Mark Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller

Ellen Degeneres is a Roosevelt

Larry Silverstein was played by actor Jerry Stiller

Bing Crosby played Nazi Adolph Eichmann

Susan Sarandon is now playing
The President of Switzerland

Noam Chomsky is playing
California Governor Jerry Brown

Beau Bridges is playing Alex Jones

Events like Sandy Hook
And the Boston Marathon bombing
Use Crisis Actors