Old Greystone buildings are exquisitely built
Many have arches and columns with capitals on top

They are made with intricate decorative cornices
Which are the ornamental designs that crown a roof or inner ceiling

Many are of grey limestone
The one where I live is of a basaltic type rock with feldspar and iron

Many are called a Greystone Castle because they have features of a medieval castle
There is a famous Greystone Castle in Canastota New York
Chicago is the home to a myriad of these old Greystone buildings

They are described as early or late Renaissance
Gothic or Baroque
Romanesque Revival
Colonial Classical Romantic or Queen Anne
These are all foolish descriptions of the same time period

The one here is called the Greystone Church
It looks out of place
From a different time period
Because that is the actual fact

The story goes it was originally a wooden church built in 1891
And then they decided to upgrade
So they built this amazing flawless beautiful building
And equipped it with an incredible Kimball organ

But they opted to house the organ above the roof in a flimsy wooden structure
The wood got wet and soggy so it gave way

They then just left the organ as is on the roof
And pigeons used the pipes for homes and ruined the organ

The Greystone Castle was an energy generator built by the former culture
The organ generated harmonic frequencies that were transferred to the surrounding area
Via the radial windows which served as portals

Our true history is being hidden
And the implausible stories surrounding them are accepted without question by a gullible public!