All famous musicians are agents
Brainwashing the public

Depending on their masonic level
They either live to a ripe old age
Or are sacrificed

Publicly they are said to die in car accidents or plane crashes
But privately their consciousness is transferred into an age regressed clone

Our DNA will automatically activate
Once we each a certain frequency

The first step is to transform your emotions
Do away with negativity

Treating your body as a temple is just as important
GMO’s realign our electrostatic capacity
Causing interference and a need for rebalancing

In the past vibration and acoustics were used
To tune our electromagnetic energy

Ethereal vibrations were used to express themselves in patterns of water molecules
A high percentage of what we are is water

Rose windows were magnetrons
Which mirrored etherical designed vibrations

They were created by conducting energy through soft material
Until a divine pattern was reached

Sound waves of bells influenced and manipulated ethereal energy
As did cannons which were not weapons of war

Water stored in water towers was electrically charged

Roman baths were actually Tartarian healing centers
Through the oscillation of ions
The water was kept electrically charged

Symmetrical gardens were cultivated with sound waves and living water

Bandstands or rotundas in parks were generators
Producing a highly conductive field of atoms

Buildings were made out of red brick
Because of their iron oxide is highly conductive

Many structures were fitted with rebar or iron rods
For the same reason

Our past was highly advanced
With our health and well being in mind!