We are being genetically engineered.
And our bodies are becoming more synthetic and thus machine like.

Our world is under attack by highly intelligent beings.
Transforming it to suit them.

The agenda is to kick out the human soul from the human body.
For the utilization of our species as a host for another species.

Our world is a living vibrant place.
And we partake of the life force emanating from the polar meridian.
But the polarity of the earth is being changed from positive to negative.
This is accomplished through pollution.
And through the changing of our frequency.

This other species has invaded from underneath.
It needs negative energy to stay here.
And to infiltrate higher realms.

Our life force is being absorbed.
By a species unable to feel empathy.
It doesn’t care if it causes suffering.
It’s only concern is to absorb energy.

Water is programmable.
As can be seen from the various shapes it turns into under different energy vibrations.
When it is mixed with chlorine and other chemicals it becomes negative.
And we put this negative energy into our body.

Oil incorporates the soul of the earth.
But when it is transformed into gasoline and plastic it changes polarity.
We inhale this negative energy everyday through automobile exhaust.
That is why clean energy is not utilized.

Even in airplanes we breathe in the aluminum oxides that is in the oil lubricating the turbines.

Chemicals are being rained down upon us from above.
These dull and destroy our senses.

A short list of what is being dropped on us:
radioactive cesium
radioactive thorium
aluminum oxide
unidentified bacteria
polymer fibers
genetically modified human blood cells

These manipulate our DNA.

Also in secret laboratories there is devious research.
To change our genetic make-up.

People are callous to animal experimentation.
And choose not to believe that similar hideous acts of research are done on humans.

A DNA shift to a higher strand will occur when spiritual development enfolds.
But one has to fight through the matrix of lies.

The pineal gland is our source for intuition and enlightenment.
But is being rendered non functional.
By aluminum oxide in chemtrails, glyphosate in GMO foods and fluoride in water and toothpaste.

Fluoride is a waste product from the aluminum refining industry.

Mercury is another component in the transhumanism agenda.
Both mercury and fluoride are used by your local dentist.
And mercury is common in vaccines.
Mercury strips the protective later off of cells.
And pulls in radiation from the outside.

Copper is a vital component in the protection layer of cells.
It doesn’t react to magnetic forces.
But it is being sucked out of cells by mercury and pesticides.

As a result of chemtrails heavy metals are pervasive inside of us.
Our body tries to rebuild these broken links that are caused by the displacement of copper
But the only available heavy metals are from the chemtrails.

So our cells become ferromagnetic.
Which means sensitive to microwave radiation.
And accessible from the outside by electromagnetic forces.

The prion chains of proteins are also rebuilt with barium, strontium and other ferromagnetic metals.
This changes our bio electrical energy.

Ferromagnetic nerve cells attach to neuro piezo electric crystals in the bones.
Weakening our internal structure.
And creating holes in our aura which is our energy field.

The building blocks of our functional components are being disassembled.
Then reassembled using elements that can be interfaced.

Consciousness which is nerve based can now be read and manipulated by an outside source.

We are assuming a robotic like state.
And being degraded to binary field structures.

We will not be in charge of our own emotions.
But the result of integrated frequencies forced upon us.

We will lose our free will.
And give up our beautiful reality.

But hope is not lost.
For starters we can detox our body and eat nutritious plant based foods.
The food industry is all about making the body acidic.
Viruses and harmful bacteria thrive in an acidic environment.

Meat, dairy and GMO foods need to be avoided.
We are not designed to eat meat.
Our intestines are very long.
Meat stays in the intestines a long time as our body tries to digest it.
And it starts to rot in the interim.

We are supposed to treat our body as a holy temple.
Instead we run around with rotting animal flesh inside of us.

Milk is for babies.
We quit producing enzymes for the digestion of milk at age 3.
And the acidic nature of cow’s milk blocks the membrane of the lower intestines cutting off the flow of nutrition.

We consume foods not meant for us.
Which causes the liver to become dysfunctional.
Almost half of the population in their 60’s and older have a degenerative liver.

The way animals are bred for food is pure torture.
When you eat them you put that energy into your body.

This is by design and is a control mechanism.
And keeps us from being loving, caring and sympathetic towards others.

It has been shown that if you grow your own food the plants will pick up on your energy.
And will actually respond to your nutrient needs.

We are creators.
What we think happens whether we realize it or not.

We can aminate reality through imagination.
And manifest miracles through dreaming.

We can heal ourselves when we let go of our ego and cultivate love.
Which makes our inner beauty shine.

But our society is based on money and not love.
And thus is fear based.

Money and power are very addictive.
There is a lot of pressure to focus only on those pursuits throughout the course of one’s life.

When we do everything for those reasons it takes away our humanity.
It disconnects us from the source.
And will separate us from higher realms.

This is like a computer virus.
And an attack on the human soul.
We need to turn back on the heart chakra.

We can combat this with simple kindness.
And make this presence go back to the lower depths from which it came.
Or our own negativity from which it feeds will take us over.