The world is not run by humans

The people in our political leadership
Are synthetic machines

The soul less elite have merged
With this technology

And the remaining humans are under a spell
Resulting in mass delusion

A synthetic machine is an android
That receives and transmits information

During this process it will blink rapidly
Like when a light on a computer
Flashes on and off as it uploads

In a press conference a transmitting android
Will stand behind the receiver
And to the left

The receiver is typically a microchipped clone
Such as Donald Trump or Elon Musk

And when these clones are processing the answers
They will blink also
But in a reduced manner

The ones in control of the artificial political puppets
Are not from this realm

They are the ones responsible for ending
The two great former human civilizations

And are about to reveal their super cyborg
For global governance

The Antichrist who will amaze the masses
Who will have sufficient hyperspace energy to disappear

Pulling himself out of one dimension into another!