As we work with the new energetic laws that govern our upgraded realm
Our ability to efficiently alter and manifest new realities
Will allow more immediate synchronistic manifestation

When one has a strong healthy and energetic body
They can overcome the many soft kill methods that are legal in our society

Slow kill methods such as the use of glyphosate in GMOs
That break down the digestive track and allow toxins into the bloodstream
Creating all sorts of health issues

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame
That attack RNA messenger cells

Flavor enhancers made from human embryos
That regulates and restricts our conscious mind

Preservatives and heavy metals kill gut bacteria
Producing a weakened body which attracts negative entities

We need the neural centers of our stomach for cognition
Our stomach is our second brain which signals empathetic feelings
Within our bio neurology

Chemtrails and vaccinations are also designed
To breakdown our interconnected bio neurology

ELF waves affect the solar plexus
Light and sound waves of electromagnetic frequencies
And subliminal holographic inserts in movies and music
Saturate the mind with inhuman behaviors

Negative thoughts also diminish our neurological system

Negative people drain our energy

Biofilms are laboratory created self reproducing microorganisms
Of bacteria fungi algae protozoa proteins and polysaccharides
That are electronically activated to perform gene editing
And disrupt the natural homeostatic rhythms within the human body

Fake astronomy fake history fake religion
Are designed to suppress awareness
And change ones identity
Altering the direction of their soul
Making them more easily mind controlled

The nerval plexus accesses the medula oblongata
Which is where the spiritual light reflects out of the eye

But when one is mind controlled the inner light dies
Blocking the spiritual body from incorporating higher layers

The awareness and discipline to move toward positive thoughts and actions
Will channel into our energy field and help heal our body!