At Pysch A Sec
Entities shop for sleeves of celebrities

Sleeves are clones made out of real human flesh
Synthetic suits with living tissue

Antibiotic fluid is used tp preserve the body in storage

The cortical stack at the base of the neck
Holds all your information
All your experiences all your emotions
What you know and who you know

It is downloaded onto digital human freight
Then into a sleeve

Sleeves run eat and sleep

Typically the sleeve is made with enhancements
Such as taller and stronger

There is an option of a male or female

Once the chose has been made
A conscious mind is put into the sleeve

The real person is killed off
And the entity assumes the life of the celebrity

The consciousness of fans who idolize the celebrity gets harvested
But the actor is really a reptilian possessed drone

Reptilians also consume humans
Preferably children
And drink their blood

And by supporting Hollywood
The adrenochrome trade is supported
Which is when adrenaline is extracted from a tortured child

The typical person has no idea!